Springer: worn figure, no heli tail that becomes robot feet 6  
Octane: Left jet wing 6  
Blitzwing: No tank turret, broken off wing tips 6  
Bonecruncher #1: no roof, no bulldozer blade, chewed tracks 3  
Bonecruncher #2: roof broken off and missing 7  
G2 Airraid: no tail fin section 9  
G2 Windrazor: Cockpit section 7  
Sizzle: engine removed from bonnet and missing, broken bonnet hinge 5  
Warpath: no tank turret 7  
Powerglide: no wings, tail broken, no landing gear 4  
Seaspray: broken propellor 7  
Hubcap: Body section + R arm (no tyres) 7  
Windcharger: both front wheels broken off and missing 7  
Powerglide: No wings, stress marks in tail fin 7  
Beachcomber: 2 lights broken off front of car, tyre missing, general wear 4  
Bumblebee: R foot 7  
Flywheels jet very worn 3  
Skydive: no tail, nose cone missing 6  
Fireflight: No cockpit, no tail, no wings, no right arm 5  
Silverbolt: No legs, tail fin broken off, No left arm/wing section. 4  
Breakdown: Head broekn off and missing. Small chip in plastic on front of car 5  
Brawl: missing turret 7  
Brawl: Turret broken off but present, gun barrel chewed, chest chipped 5  
Blastoff: pegs that hold tail on are broken off 7  
Blastoff: no wings, tail broken 7  
Hotspot: broken off laddder 8  
Nautliator: right animal legs broken off and missing 8  
Nautliator: left  animal legs broken off and missing 7  
Seawing: left wing broken off and missing 8  
Tentakil: no robot head, chewed tail, generally worn 5  
Skalor: Fin broken off nad missing, R animal leg missing 7  
G2 Ramjet: left leg and foot assembly 7  
Red gobot car: no arms, no rear left spoiler 1  
Galvatron: no R fist, rusted screws, split in plastic above knee, sides split at screws 3  
Smokescreen: no windows or roof, missing rear right wheel 4  
Bluestreak: head piece only 9  
Prowl: head piece only 9  
Prowl: missing doors, roof broken off and missing 8  
Hoist: head piece broken off and missing, no square in top of roof 7  
Redalert: no door tops, no tyres, front section yellowed, chrome worn, spoiler missing 4  
Shrapnel: no arms, no yellow wheels sections, yellow plastic chest plate broken off 5  
Hound no head, mising block off side of left leg. 6  
Strafe: broken wing tips, missing head 6  
Cutthrot: caws broekn off wings, heavily discoloured 5  
Sinnertwin: no robot head, no tail, missing front right monster leg 8  
Wildrider: front section of car    
Highbrow: cockpit screen    
Scavenger: Digger arm    
Buzzsaw/lazerbeak: Head    
Broadside: cockpit screen    
Brawn: R arm    
Warpath: good turret section, with gun on    
Huffer: cab section    
Outback: R leg    
Wheelie: Windscreen    
Wideload: rear of truck that folds down to reveal robot head    
Searchlight: Rear section that folds over to reveal head    
Freeway: rear of car that folds down to reveal robot head    
Rollbar:  R arm, rear of truck that folds down to reveal robot head    
Battletrap jeep: Rear axel with wheels    
Runabout: Right arm    
Hotspot: All ladders    
Fireflight: jet nose/ cockpit    
Airraid: tail section    
Slingshot: tail section    
Blastoff: tail fin    
Motormaster: Black chest part (not the car that becomes menasor chest)    
Astrotrain: pair of wings    
Springer: tail part that becomes left foot with black joining part    
Skullgrin: both fists for inner bot    
Mindwipe: Left bat wing/ arm assembly    
Apeface: pair of wings    
Triggerhappy: Left arm grey part with gun on    
Hoist: Head assembly including back of truck part    
Powerdasher drill: tyre, left arm yellow section    
Waverider: inner robots left leg from knee down    
Optimus Prime: Smoke stack    
Ultramagnus: trailer ramps    
Mirage: left spoiler fin (becomes right foot)    
Inferno: silver hose on the side of the head, ladders    
Grapple: Silver hook piece    
Redalert: left spoiler fin, Right door glass window part    
Sideswipe: Right door glass window part    
Trailbreaker: Head section with connecting pin    
Smokescreen: Both rear windows    
Meister Left door    
Shrapnel: Both yellow wheeled pieces that goes on his back    
Bombshell: left arm, silver bug nose thing    
Kickback: left ear antenae    
Whirl: good tail tip    
Hotrod: Front car section    
Galvatron: Purple 'y' shaped waist piece    
Rewind: Head    
Snarl: Back right leg, left tail