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Here are some useful links that i have used:

UK based trades sites:

Moss Eisley - Another honest dealer i have swapped parts with
Omega-one-prime's TF shop - Small site in development but an honest guy I've traded with.

Transformers information and rescources: - A great site for tech specs and toy info. Especially identifying transformers by name - An ace general interest site - The biggest transformers news site going - A general transformers collectors site
Transformerland - Identify figures or parts by description
Trasformers@themoon - Superb UK based Transformers resources site.
Botch the crab - Nice site for box art pics. - Site devoted to 70's 80's 90's toys.
Transformers encyclopedia - A-Z of Transformers.
Transformers on the shelf - Transformers release lists resource site. - Site showing G1 transformers instruction scans.

Transformers message boards:

Transformers@themoon message board - A very informative and useful forum about all things transformers related
2005 boards - another great transformers message board
Autoassembly boards - Transformers message board from the auto-assembly convention guys
Allspark boards - another fine message board.

Transformers sites USA:

Robot Monster Toys - A comprehensive USA based transformer parts trading site
Planet Force - A USA site selling loads of vintage toys including transformers. - USA based Transformers trading site I've used.

Fun stuff: - uk transformers convention site
Transformers quake - Site about converting your quake 2 into a transformers version
Transformers movie script - The unedited script from the movie

Useful other toy sites: - Useful for Go-bot identification - Useful for G.I.Joe figures and parts identification - Vintage starwars parts identification aid
Virtual toy chest - comprehensive toy site including 80's, 90's and current toys

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