Miscellaneous Items

All items listed are for sale or trade.

Here are a bunch of transformer related items that I have acquired over the years. They are all described as well as i can:

All are available for sale or I'm willing to swap them for anything transformers related. Just make me an offer if you are interested.

Pin Badges:
Ultramagnus Pin badge

PRICE: £1.80

Ultramagnus Pin badge #2

PRICE: £1.80

Bumblebee Pin badge #2

PRICE: £1.80

Cyclonus Pin badge

PRICE: £2.00

Coca Cola Sticker sheet

This is a partailly used sticker sheet from a coca cola promotion back in the 1980s. Very unusual artwork. Rare.
PRICE: £1.90

Backstreet Sticker sheet

Complete, unused sticker sheet from G1 Backstreet.
PRICE: £5.00

Skalor Sticker sheet

Used sticker sheet from G1 Skalor.
PRICE: £2.00

Other Items:
Iron on patches

These are a set of 4 glow in the dark iron on patches from the 1980s. Includes, 2x Ultramagnus, 1 x Blitzwing & 1 x Devastator
PRICE: £5.00