Other Robot Toys

All items listed are for sale or trade.

Here are a bunch of non-transformer robot figures that i have acquired over the years. All transform like transformers but were not made by the same manufacturer. They are all described as well as i can but would appreciate any more information anyone can offer:

All are available for sale or I'm willing to swap them for anything transformers related. Just make me an offer if you are interested.

Robot 1:
Name: Optimus Prime
Genre: McDonakds Armada Transformer
Date: 2002
Info: Excellent condition C9. Nothing broken.
PRICE: £2.00

Robot 2:
Name: unknown
Genre: Unknown
Date: 1986
Info: Good condition C8 but has a leg broken off. Has M-2 written inside it.
PRICE: £1.40

Robot 3:
Name: unknown
Genre: McDonalds Transformers
Date: 1988
Manufacturer:McDonalds Corp
Info: Good condition C7. Nothing broken.
PRICE: £3.50

Robot 4:
Name: Walkman
Genre: Select convertors spies
Date: 1984
Info: Good condition C7. Nothing broken.
PRICE: £9.50