Autobot wants:      
  Cloudburst: Shell (good condition)    
  Diaclone Trailbreaker: Pair of yellow fists    
  God Ginrai with apex armour: Light grey back plate (forms top of second trailor)  
    Ramps for inside trailor    
  Grapple: Crane section    
  Grotesque: Left wing    
  Groundbreaker: Shell (good condition)    
    Inner bot    
    Shoulder R & L    
    Blaster + base     
  Gunrunner: Missile rack    
  Hardhead: Shoulder cannon    
  Hotspot: full set of ladders    
  Longtooth: Inner bot (good condition)    
  Micromaster combiner HQ: cruise missile    
    2 x air-to-air missile    
    micromaster Fullbarrel    
  Micromaster missile transport: R purple cannon    
  Micromaster tanker transport: 2 x blue ramps    
  Optimus prime: Trailor door    
  Ratchet: Emergency lights    
  Roadbuster: Rocket    
    Range finder    
  Skyhigh: Scythe/rotor    
  Decepticon wants:      
  Apeface: Head    
  Barrage: Sword    
  Bludgeon: Tank turret gun    
  Bugly: Shell (good ocndition)    
    Inner bot    
    2 x Electron stingers    
    Gun (the one without the slot cut in it)    
  Cyclonus: Left wing    
  Finback: Everything/Anything    
  Gnaw: Tail/mace    
  Greasepit: Sign board    
  Iguanus: Inner bot    
  Micromaster anti-aircraft base: Green ramp    
  Octopunch: Small Acetylene torch gun    
  Reflector: Lens    
    2 x rockets    
    Red robot (with hasbro markings)    
  Shockwave: Battery cover    
  Skyhopper: Large ramp    
  Skystalker: Right wing of main vehicle    
  Starscream pretender: Inner bot    
  Target master Cyclonus: Gun    
  Thunderwing: All bar one big gun    
  Venom: Axe